Get race season ready

With a month left of summer, the cooler weather just in sight and race season calling, are you as prepared as you can be to go into the season with confidence?

We can all agree that not many of us have done much training over the summer, and chosen vacationing in cooler climates over battling the loop in 40+ degree weather.  But no time like the present to get ready for race season.

Have a plan:

Whether it is just to cycle a certain distance by a certain date, to compete in a certain event in a set time, or just completing an event; set yourself a goal for the season.  Once you have an end goal, then you need to ensure that your training plan and events in between all work towards meeting this goal.

Keep in mind that no matter your end goal, you should give your all in every training session or “practice race”. You may feel you want to “conserve energy” or save yourself for the actual event, but by not pushing yourself, you will not know what you are capable of, or what more you need to do to get to where you need to be.

Get mental!

Physical fitness is only part of cycling in preparing yourself for a certain goal / achievement.  Your mental readiness and determination is what pulls us through those dark times when we have hit that proverbial wall. Keeping motivated is not always easy, especially in hot and humid conditions, but testing your limits will prove your capabilities and improve your cycling strength.

Along with keeping your mental game strong, comes keeping your enthusiasm high.  Be enthusiastic about what you want to achieve and just spending time on the bike.  A negative outlook will not get you to where you want to be.

Give your steed TLC:

Before getting back on your bike and starting your training for the season, give your bike some tender love and care.  Although your bike may not have been used much over the summer, try think when the last time was you bike got some attention; also inactivity does still subject your bike to corrosion of cables and housing as well as grease and lubricants drying.  Even if just for a quick wash and tune, ensure that your bike is roadworthy and clean before you get the season started.

Although it is key to ensure that you prepare and are ready for the season and stick to your training program, remember to have fun while doing it. There is a big cycling community in the UAE, so cycling does not have to be a solo past time.  Immerse yourself into the social aspect of cycling and your will get through the season sane and with new life long friends.