Dubai Cycling Course Update!


The “Stick ” Al Qudra Road section will be closed from 10th January (after the morning Coffee Ride) until the 25th January 2015.

The new road is almost complete; however there is a necessity to amend parts of the Al Qudra Road section of the Dubai Cycle Course.

The dates have now been amended to help reduce the disturbance to the weekend rides.

We will start this Friday morning’s ride (9th January) and the Saturday morning ride (10th January) at the regular start on the Al Qudra Road “Stick”.

The following weekend (16th January and 17th January) and potential the 23rd and 24th January will start at Zad’s Café, Seih Al Salam at the start of the Loop.

Please pass on this information to everyone that you know. 

This closure will be in effect from 10th  (after the Morning Coffee Ride) to 25th January 2015.