Keep the creak out of your Pedals



Keep the creak out of your Pedals

Pedals are often overlooked.  They are put through all sorts of weather conditions, and ridden under any and all kinds of cycling conditions, without being given a second thought.  Like all other components on your bike, pedals need TLC too.  Look after them and they will last you longer and perform consistently; but neglect them and you will soon enough find out how terrible it is riding on ill-maintained pedals.  These steps will ensure your pedals keep well maintained and leave you a happier cyclist:

  1. We all do it – walking in our cycling shoes on our cleats.  This will cause your cleats to wear a lot quicker than normal, so either stop walking in your cycling shoes after a ride; or get yourself a set of cleat covers.  This will save your cleats for that little bit longer.  Worn cleats big_6f46deb13b204aeeb52dcafd7b4c787amean that you will unclip unnecessarily and unexpectedly while riding; and is a sure sign that your cleats will need replacing.
  2. Although bearings are hidden away from the world, they still need attention.  Bearings need to be kept greased to work efficiently. Each pedal manufacturer has its own systems to grease the bearings and spindles; however if you are unsure how to to grease the bearings, bring them into Revolution Cycles Dubai and let our knowledgeable mechanics do it for you.
  3. Check for and tighten loose fasteners, and replace missing ones.  At the same time look for bent / broken springs and any other visual damage.
  4. Grease the pedal threads before installing the pedals on the crank arms.  If this is not done, there is a chance that the pedals will seize on the crank arm, requiring you then to replace both pedal and crank arm.


Article credited to Revolution Cycles Dubai