No Helmet No Ride, No Kit No Ride

CSD 2015 KitWelcome to 2015 and a Happy New year to all our members, friends and supporters.

2015 was a year of growth for cycling in the UAE and worldwide and a big thank you to all our members, sponsors, supporters and friends who have spent so much time, and effort to help CSD grow as a team and a family. Every member makes the Team!

As part of our new year, we are launching our brand new 2015 kit and we hope all members drop into Revolution Cycles and pick them up. The kit is brighter than before and a special thanks to all our sponsors who have made it possible.

No Helmet No Ride, No Kit No Ride.

For 2015, we want to ensure that we always look after our members and as we are such a large group now, we need a way of recognizing our members. The best way is to ask for all members to wear their kit on our rides and this will also allow our support car to recognize our groups.

Of course new riders will be always welcome to join us for the Friday rides with their own kits but after two rides, we ask all to become members.  CSD is there for our members and all fees go towards the free water, support car and other benefits for our members.