Let’s Keep It Safe

Every now and then something happens, and we have to look at how we address the situation.

Last week I received a mail from a fellow cyclist voicing a concern on how our group was behaving on the Al Qudra cycle track, riding more than two abreast, taking over the entire track, and being unruly.

From the onset ,Team Cycle Safe Dubai, has been a vital and integral part of the Al Qudra cycling track development, being the first group to make use of the road before a cycle track even existed. We have set the standards of how to ride safely, how to ride in groups and how we are all part of a growing cycling community. Continue reading “Let’s Keep It Safe”

Get race season ready

With a month left of summer, the cooler weather just in sight and race season calling, are you as prepared as you can be to go into the season with confidence?

We can all agree that not many of us have done much training over the summer, and chosen vacationing in cooler climates over battling the loop in 40+ degree weather. ┬áBut no time like the present to get ready for race season. Continue reading “Get race season ready”