Welcome to Team Cycle Safe Dubai

Join the team!

Team Cycle Safe Dubai (CSD) membership offers you numerous benefits to make your cycling experience in Dubai not only fun and enjoyable, but also safer.

Team CSD could also take you to some exciting new destinations!

For an annual fee of Dh 580.00 (from July current year to June next year), the fantastic benefits you will receive includes:

  • Free CSD official team kit
  • Personalized CSD membership card
  • 10% discount at Revolution Cycles on all in-house brands (Look, BH, Louis Garneau, White Lightning, Vision, FSA, Vittoria, fi’zi:k, MET & SiS)
  • Free bike wash on your birthday at Revolution Cycles Dubai
  • Sponsored MonViso water on all official CSD Rides
  • Access to Revolution Cycles Dubai’s support car on all official CSD rides
  • Invitation to join all CSD rides
  • Access to a members’ only weekly Newsletter as well as online blog (login required), that will give you access to Health and nutrition tips and advice on training in summer heat and during Ramadan
  • Training information in the build-up to the Spinneys Dubai 92 Cycle Challenge on a members portal on our website (login required).
  • Access to Team CSD Facebook page
  • Assistance with obtaining UAE licences from the UAE Cycling Federation
  • Annual membership costs just Dh 580 (excluding UAE Cycling Federation licence)

Team Cycle Safe Dubai Club Shirts:

Below is the sizing chart for the club shirts, please double check your sizing and confirm on the Team CSD application form.

Team CSD and all CSD Rides

I hereby confirm that my participation in cycling events, training rides and/or fun rides, whether formal and/or informal, that are organized and/or run by, and/or held under the auspices of cycle safe Dubai (“the cycling events and/or rides”) is entirely at my own risk and in the full appreciation of the inherent risks in such participation. I agree that neither cycle safe Dubai nor any of its employees, sponsors, ride and/or race marshals and/officials will be liable for any loss, mishap, injury, incapacity, disability, death and/or damage of whatsoever nature (the “Loss”) which may be suffered by me as a direct and/or indirect result of my participation in the cycling events and/or rides, regardless of whether or not the Loss is occasioned directly and/or indirectly by and/or through such participation and/or directly and/or indirectly by and/or through the acts and/or omissions of Cycle safe Dubai. I hereby waive and abandon my right to institute any claim and/or action against Cycle safe Dubai and/or its partners in respect of any Loss that I may sustain whilst participating in any of the cycling events and/or rides. I further agree that Cycle safe Dubai will not be liable to compensate me and/or any of my dependents for any Loss that may occur as a direct and/or indirect result of my participation in any of the cycling events and/or rides, and I hereby indemnify, and hold harmless Cycle Safe Dubai against any claim that may be made against them by any party in respect of any Loss. I furthermore indemnify, and hold harmless Cycle Safe Dubai against any claim which may be made against any of them by any party, arising directly and/or indirectly out of any loss, damage and/or injury caused directly and/or indirectly by me whilst participating in any of the cycling events and/or rides. The provisions of this waiver and indemnity shall be likewise binding upon my heirs, executors and/or administrators, as the case may be.