Tip of the week – Drinking and Riding

Dehydration can cause many problems on a ride and we should all be aware of the need to stay hydrated throughout a ride. Dehydration can cause you to lose concentration as well as drain you of much needed energy to finish the ride. The ability to take your water bottle out of its cage, have a drink and place it back in to its cage safely, is an important skill and should be practiced. To learn this skill we suggest that you do this solo or away from a bunch in a safe environment and practice riding with one hand off the bars for a little while then once you are comfortable doing this, glance down and touch your water bottle.

When you find that you’re able to do this and keep the bike in a straight line take the water bottle out of the cage and have a drink. When placing the bottle back into the cage, always make certain that the bottle is securely into the cage before you let go of it! A dropped bottle in a bunch is always a hair-raising moment!